The Cuisine

The food served at Pausa is a blend of the classic European, Japanese and Israeli styles. We believe in using high quality ingredients. Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, herbs


Pausa Inn's grounds are situated in "She'ar Yeshuv", a small village in the Upper Galilee, surrounded by orchards whose trees produce apples, pears, nectarines, peaches, apricots, almonds, figs, avocados, plums, olives, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, mandarins and kiwi. The close-by Golan Heights are plentiful in wild forest berries and different kinds of cherry.

The profusion of wine grapes that grow in the northern vineyards of the Galilee and the Golan Heights have given the surrounding wine producers a reputation for creating wines of the highest quality. The local soil and weather conditions are perfect for growing olive trees, and indeed olive oil that comes from the region is considered a delicacy.


She'ar Yeshuv is very close to one of Israel's most important drinking water supplies, the Dan River. Pausa Inn's guests enjoy the clear and refreshing Dan water which adds its own quality to the teas, the coffee and the locally produced liqueurs – lemoncello and orange.

The Dan River is also a well-known source of freshwater fish – Pausa uses locally cultivated carp, trout, catfish, eel and sturgeon. This offering is supplemented by shipments of crab and other local shellfish from Faradis Village, on the beaches of the Mediterranean. The fish menu is completed and complemented by chilled imported Norwegian salmon.

The Upper Galilee is home to a number of excellent cheesemakers who supply Pausa with high quality dairy and goat cheeses, young or cured cheeses with tastes ranging from traditional and classic, to fresh and original flavors.

Local farms supply Pausa with all that's needed in the department of fresh meat, be it prime beef or a steady supply of lamb.

Avigdor Rothem, Pausa's owner and chef, is also the president of the biggest Israeli Slow Food Convivium: "The Upper Galilee".Our meals are inspired by Slow Food philosophy.

Pausa's chef ensures that the menu is adapted to the weather and will include ingredients that are currently in season. We think it essential that all of our guests enjoy their meals and so, we ask you to tell us of any specific requests you may have, be it personal preferences (vegetarian perhaps) or allergies to different types of food. Your hostess, Einat, herself a vegetarian, will ensure that everyone is well taken care of in this aspect.

The Pausa kitchen uses different oils and fats required for the preparation of each dish specifically, be they vegetable oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, butter or cream. Needless to say, the food at Pausa is Not Kosher.

The meals served on Friday nights and Holiday Eves progress according to five steps:

  • We open with an appetizer and a glass of one of Pausa's liqueurs, while our guests get acquainted with each other. On birthdays or other special occasions, a bottle of champagne is opened.
  • The guests are seated at the spacious dinner table, a wine is selected and the hosts ensure that from that moment on, no wine glass is left empty. The Hors D'oeuvres are served – two or three small portions designed to placate hunger, and allow the diners to enjoy the meal at a relaxed pace.

  • Following the Hors D'oeuvres comes the first course, acting as an introduction to the second (main) course, and allowing our guests a wider range of culinary experience.
  • The main course normally consists of two kinds of meat or fish, accompanied by various vegetable side dishes.
  • The dessert is typically a small, delicate, yet distinctive tasting summation to the entire meal, enjoyed with the last sip of wine and followed by fragrant herb teas or strong and refreshing coffee.
  • The essence of the entire experience can be summed up as "mixed simplicity". Salads containing vegetables that were picked minutes before being served, eggs that were gathered specifically for the meal, freshly caught fish, fruit coming directly from the tree to the kitchen and the combination of all of these ingredients into a wide spectrum of exotic, yet wholesome tastes.

    Pausa's Birthdays dinners held every fall, Saturdays at noon. Feasts are held in the form of a multi-course dinner and combine the best live performances Israeli musicians. Every year we send all our clients details for the event. Images and menus of the meals we had, you may find at "Pausa's Birthdays".

    Meals are served with homemade products from Pausa's kitchen: Lemoncello, orange liqueur, lemon preserved in olive oil and garlic, garlic cooked in white wine, honey and chili, our own home-made Prosciutto di Pausa, a variety of Saucissons (sausages) de Pausa, different kinds of vegetable pickles, flavored vinegar, a large selection of jams and other sweet preserves, etc.

    Pausa's self-service breakfast buffets offer various fresh pastries, smoked meats, marinated fish, cheese platters, home made muesli containing a rich mixture of dried fruit and granola, simple or rich yogurts, and tortillas.

    Pausa's culinary philosophy leads its guests in a satisfyingly delightful journey of acquaintance with different flavors, fine dishes and great company.


    Meals will be served in the dining room, near the lobby:

    • Dinners - at 20:00, all the dishes and wines included
    • Breakfast - 09:00 to 10:00


    Pausa - Gourmet Galilee Inn. Shear Yeshuv 63 D.N.G.E. 12240 Israel. Tel: + 972-54-6904434 Fax: + 972-4-6904435