About Us

One Day, in 2004, Einat (from Kibbutz Hagoshrim) and Avigdor (from Tel-Aviv) Rothem bought Lot 63 in She’ar Yeshuv.

Together, we dreamed, believed, planned, consulted, realized, renovated, built, dug, planted, hung, connected, sawed, cleaned, aspired, wanted, materialized, cooked, checked, searched, compared, stuck, soldered, painted, traveled, returned, cancelled, argued, demanded, created, sculpted, salted, sweetened, silenced, met, were impressed, watched, examined, learned, implemented, purchased, sold, took, received, gave, borrowed, granted, grew, developed, invented, cried, peeled, laughed, grabbed, sliced, succeeded, entertained, lost, won, gained, confessed, became friends, delayed, were depressed, marveled, agreed, disagreed, yearned for, tasted, fell asleep… and had FUN!

Avigdor's Excited Brain


We built Pausa with the help of some very creative, talented and motivated people:

Merav Feiglin – Mosaic Art

Gadi Cherniavski – Construction

Dana Avriel – Interior Decoration

Nissan Ftecha – Landscaping and Garden Design

Edik Tzigenbord – Graphic Designer

Yuval Rahamim – Forma Group, Marcom and Internet

Guy Figelson – Consultancy and Support

Pausa's Animals

Pausa - Gourmet Galilee Inn. Shear Yeshuv 63 D.N.G.E. 12240 Israel. Tel: + 972-54-6904434 Fax: + 972-4-6904435