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image On May 2007 a group of artists were guests at Pausa - four days of intoxication of the senses and creativity.

The works are on show both online and at Pausa's third birthday celebrations. It is our belief that encounters between people, surrounded by nature and surrounding the table, produce a rich experience both for body and soul.

And so the artists were together - around the table and in their creativity.

This happening promised an interesting mix which cannot be found in commercial galleries.
On one hand modern art works, such as can be seen on exhibition in museums and galleries dealing with the "in-mode". On the other hand artists who work with rationality who belong to the Hertzberg school, classical in style and claimed by some not to be "in" vein.

A mix of such works - that of illustrators, photographers, painters and video artists guaranteed a refreshing outcome.

The Artists:

Rafram Haddad - both curator and artist who has shown in Turin and New York. Recently curated a desert project in Mitzpeh Ramon and is preparing an exhibition in Vienna.

Edna Aptik - expressionist painter for the past 18 years. Her paintings are mostly oil on canvas and bring forth the harmony of colors, smells and her sentiments for nature.

Ruth Gvilli - is in the main an illustrator for Yediot and other newspaper supplements.

Moshe Vazana - expressionist painter who has produced landscapes and abstract works for the past 50 years. The landscapes of Scotland, where he lived for a period of his life, influence much of his work. Exhibited in several Israeli showings and recently moved to live in the Galilee.

Leor Waterman - Leor is a multi-disciplined artist. Won a special citation at Acco festival for the show "Mano King of Atlantis" which he wrote and produced. He is also a sculptor, painter and video artist who is highly exhibited in various shows. Leor won the National Lottery prize for the young artist of the year in 2004.

Dan Haimovich - Graduated at from Hadassah College, Jerusalem. He worked for many years as photographer for a number of weeklies, monthlies and advertising and produced TV programs for various broadcasting channels. Dan accompanied the creative and social process with photography.

Shahar Sivan - Has taught painting and etching in his own studio since 2003, and is a member of the Block group and has exhibited many times in Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv.

Eli Patel - Teaches at Bezalel Academy of Art, and is one of the most promising Israeli artists; during the past year had two one-man shows at Tel Aviv Museum. He has lately exhibited in various exhibitions in Paris and received many awards in Israel.

Amir Rubin - Amir is a painter and also has been teaching painting for the past number of years in Jerusalem. He paints from observation and his works are exhibited and sold throughout the country.

Esther Schneider - Esther is an artist and a graphic designer. Won the award for outstanding artist of her year at Beit Beryl Art College.

The art works are for sale in Pausa.
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