The Grounds

The Pausa Estate ranges over 1 hectare (about 2.5 acres). Most of this area is covered by a large fantasy garden designed by Nissan Ftecha from Kibbutz Dan.

In Pausa Inn you can find four rooms.

The Main House

The Main house contains two suites on the second floor : rooms 11 & 12 in each suite a living room and bedroom. The two suites share a balcony complete with deck chairs and a magnificent view of Mount Hermon, Mount Dov and Nimrod's Castle.

Rooms 3-4:

Two suites on the ground floor, each with its own sun terrace and private garden. Each suites have a living room and a Japanese style bedroom

The Lobby

The Lobby is situated on the ground floor of the main house. This is where guests check-in and can receive tourism information. The lobby also contains the Bar, where a variety of alcoholic beverages and fine coffee are served. The Pausa Shop offers textile products, toiletries, cosmetics, titanium-plated china, and home-made food and beverages.

The Oak Garden

A small side garden that is centered around a 400 year old Galilean Oak. We invite our guests to sit in the Oak's shade and enjoy each other’s company in the pastoral surroundings.
As our mighty tree has a special power, it fulfills very generously our guests’ wishes that might be placed in a ceramic box in the cave inside the tree.

The Dining Room

All our meals are served in the spacious dining room, where our guests sit around a large wooden medieval-style table that sits 26 persons. This room is also used for events and workshops.

The Petangue (Le Bull) Court

An ancient European game similar to Bocce, found in town centers in France and Germany. The game involves throwing heavy iron balls as close as possible to a small wooden one.

The Outdoor Kitchen

A sophisticated kitchen where the landlords prepare food for our garden meals. The outdoor kitchen includes a hot and cold smokery , a rotary barbeque and an authentic "Taboon," for preparation of pita breads and pizzas for our guests.

"The Volcano"

A small hill, crowned by a large round Jacuzzi. Open to our guests 24 hours a day (meal times excluded). The Jacuzzi is filled with water from the Dan River and changed frequently.

The Vineyard

A vineyard containing 120 grapevines. We grow three kinds of wine grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and San Giovese, and three kinds of edible grapes: Autumn Black, Red Globe and Grappis.

"The Amphitheatre"

Located on two grassy knolls. Guests can sprawl on cushions or sit on deck chairs and watch cult movies or sporting events on a 3 by 4 meter TV screen, can listen to chamber music, or just enjoy the surrounding landscape.

The vegetables garden

The vegetables garden is a part of the autarkic farm concept of the Pausa-Inn Estate. The garden provides fresh fruits and vegetables which enrich the meals that are being served in Pausa-Inn.

Slow food

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